About Us....

We are family owned wholesale growers of 300 varieties of certified organic herb and vegetable plants. We're located on the North Fork of Long Island and we've been in business since 1987 selling our finished plants to many of the garden centers here on the Island.

2017 will bring a new marketing program, a new pot size and a dramatic increase in varieties, especially in vegetable choices. More than ever current research has shown a keen desire of individuals to source organic products. Families want to know what they eat and how it is grown. So the best way to do that is "grow your own food".

Many ask us what is the difference between a conventional grown plant and a certified organic plant. Organic plants must be grown to strict USDA Organic standards, which include being non-GMO. To accomplish this we use organic compost and fertilizers, non treated seeds, beneficial insects and only approved sprays for organic production. We record every input and track every plant from beginning to end. And we pay several thousand dollars for our certification which includes an annual inspection of our records and greenhouses. While conventionally grown plants may state they are "naturally grown and non-GMO" there truly is no comparison to how we grow.

In 2017 all of our pots will feature the USDA Organic logo, state they are "locally grown on the North Fork of Long Island" and provide a brief summary of organic growing.

In addition to our 3 1/2" pot size we will add a full quart size with the same artwork. This "pass through marketing" will help spread the message of certified organic growing. The quarts replace our 5.5" program. The benefit to the retailer is that each tray will hold eight pots of a much larger size suitable for the gardener who likes a larger plant. See our catalog for a complete list. We will feature close to 300 varieties this year and the largest increase is in the vegetable choices.

We have a limited supply of 5 gallon Lavender and Rosemary plants and our six quart pots of all lavender varieties are extra heavy this year. Order them early as they will sell out fast.

Of special note we now are making available our complete product line available to other growers in plug trays through our sister company "The Organic Harvest".

We have been Long Island's premier USDA Certified Organic plant grower since 2007 and a family grower of herb and vegetable plants since 1987.

Please contact us below with any questions or comments. See you soon!

Walter, Linell and Chris Gaipa

Email us: info@mariongardensorganic.com

 Call us: (631) 477-1010

 Fax us: (631) 350-7102


 LATE ARRIVING NEWS: We have become the EXCLUSIVE supplier of plants from Invincible Summer Farms, which grows rare and unusual varieties that supply the best NYC restaurants with produce. You will not find these varieties anywhere but through us. And they will be grown Certified Organic! They will be grown in our quart pots and be offered in limited availability. Check back soon for pictures and descriptions of these wonderful varieties.